Holiday Cottages in France

A cottage refers to a sort of traditional country house that mainly originated from the UK. This particular English name for the concept is used in several other languages such as French, German, Italian...

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Cottage refers to

A cottage is a traditional rural house in northern and western Europe whose roof was mainly covered with straw, wheat or rye straw, stalks of reeds... This type of house is usually located in the country of northern and northwestern Europe: British Isles, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark but also in north-western France, particularly in Normandy and to a lesser extent, in Brittany. Check MAISON MONTAGNE for more.

Les cottages du lac

Les cottages du lac

Cottage anglais

Cottage anglais

Le cottage

  • Cottage rental in France

    Cottage rentals in France are there for the taking whether you come as a family, a couple or a group of friends. Featuring a chalet-style double sloping roof, it is often associated with a covered terrace. By the sea or in the countryside, renting a cottage rhymes with pleasure, fun and comfort.
  • French Cottages standing

    The cottage is an accommodation that can be rented for a weekend, a week or a month. It consists of one or more bedrooms, a living/dining room, a kitchen and a toilet. There are lots of them in France guaranteeing great standards of comfort and hospitality.

  • Unique cottage proposals

    This page is meant to provide you with an independant overview of holiday cottages and other fascinating unusual accommodations from various French organisations and websites carefully selected for you. In order to have a complete idea about renting in France, visit this website specialized in the famous Ile de Re holiday rentals: