Communication while traveling

We all learn English at school and are therefore well equipped for the world. At least we think so. But has anyone ever tried to get along with English in southern Japan, in the Mongolian steppe or in the less touristic places of South America? Because you often only get a friendly smile, a blank stare or a shrug. Unfortunately, it is not possible to follow the right language course before each trip and not everyone has the talent to acquire foreign languages in the cradle. Here are some helpful tips for better communication on the road.

Tips against language barriers while traveling

Learn and write the basic vocabulary

Wherever you go, it is always helpful to learn the most important words and phrases in the language of the country. Even if "hello", "thank you" and "two beers please" is not always said perfect, everyone is happy with the attempt and the sympathy of the local people is certain. So do not be shy and try it. You can get help from the guide or, for example, from the Google translator. By the way, there is also an application on which you can record the most important phrases directly as favorites and even have them read by the smartphone. Incidentally, it is wise to create the favorites before the trip, because you can then work on the road even without an Internet connection. If you do not want to drag your smartphone into this area, just print the sentences and insert the note.

Meet the locals

The easiest way to learn a language is to stay true to the local population. Ideally, you will be in touch with the locals before traveling (for example, via travel forums or Facebook groups), or simply to the staff of the hostel or hotel. Then you can write directly the most important sentences and get help on the correct pronunciation as well as the most important local features that you can ask directly.

Have a notepad

Put a small block and a pen in your backpack. This can be worth gold in situations without words. So you or your interlocutor can write what you want to say. It also works for the game's activity. In addition, you can write new words and phrases that you want to keep for the rest of the trip, and then retrieve them if necessary. For more information, visit tiptravel website.

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